A New Course for Laymen

A PLANNED NEW COURSE FOR POTENTIAL LAY LEADERS AND OTHERS A new course is currently being planned for potential lay leaders and others who lack the textual skills to join the Semicha Course but want to further their Halachic knowledge and general Jewish education without becoming pulpit rabbis. Its curriculum… Continue reading

Montefiore Dayanut Programme

Following publicity by the Rabbinical Council of America, a further contingent of  high-calibre rabbis from Australia and from the United States of America has been accepted for the next phase of the Montefiore Dayanut Programme due to start in September 2018. This programme, run in partnership with Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem,… Continue reading

Queries addressed to the Website

Inquirers should note that the Montefiore Endowment owns, preserves and maintains its books and manuscripts in its library at 2 Ashworth Road, London W9 1JY and those on loan to the libraries of University College London. All items are listed on our website www.montefioreendowment.org.uk Items are available for inspection and… Continue reading