New Appointments

Two of our semicha students have accepted posts in the Community prior to their graduation. Udi Ibgi has been appointed  ‘Rabbi’ of Tiferet Eyal in Hendon and is leading the services and giving shiurim there. Michael Gabai is acting as ‘Interim Rabbi’ at Wembley S&P and will be filling in… Continue reading

Dayan Daniel Kada. The first graduate of the Montefiore Dayanut Programme

The Montefiore Endowment takes much pleasure in announcing the first graduate in its Dayanut Programme delivered by Eretz Hemdah, Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem. Rabbi Daniel Kada has been awarded semicha ‘Yadin Yadin for the Diaspora’* after passing his final examinations with distinction. Rabbi Kada, who recently gained a… Continue reading


Just published by the Montefiore Endowment, Memorable Sephardi Voices is intended to strengthen ‘orthodox’ Judaism’s much threatened middle ground. It deals with many issues including contemporary ones for which no resolution is yet in sight. The book contains a selection of the views of those Sephardi sages who have promoted Jewish… Continue reading

Queries addressed to the Website

Inquirers should note that the Montefiore Endowment owns, preserves and maintains its books and manuscripts in its library at Schaller House Campus, 44a Albert Road, London NW4 2SJ and those on loan to the libraries of University College London. All items are listed on our website Items are available… Continue reading