Queries addressed to the Website

Inquirers should note that the Montefiore Endowment owns, preserves and maintains its books and manuscripts in its library at Schaller House Campus, 44a Albert Road, London NW4 2SJ and those on loan to the libraries of University College London. All items are listed on our website www.montefioreendowment.org.uk

Items are available for inspection and study by scholars by arrangement with the respective librarians (see website for particulars). Where precious manuscripts are involved, a charge will be made for supervision during such visits.

The Endowment lacks the staff or the facilities to help individuals with research, to supply scans or photocopies, or to answer other than general queries. In exceptional cases, and where justified academically, photocopies or scans may be supplied on the payment of an appropriate fee to cover costs.

Permission to reproduce extracts from the manuscripts for inclusion in learned publications will be given on completion of a standard request form containing required assurances and the payment of a modest fee.

Genealogical inquiries arising from the Montefiore Censuses cannot be answered by the Endowment; and inquirers should undertake their own research using the search-engines in English and in Hebrew on the website.

  An additional resource is the collection owned by the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) which contains a number of documents from the period of the Ottoman Empire, from Eretz Israel during the British Mandate Period and from of the State of Israel. IGRA’s databases are searchable in English and Hebrew on http://www.genealogy.org.il

It may sometimes be possible to refer queries to one of the Israeli genealogists who worked on the Censuses and who may be willing to assist personally if approached. Try contacting IGRA.

The Endowment is also unable to deal with inquiries concerning the life and times of Sir Moses Montefiore. Those interested should consult the website for outline details on Sir Moses and Judith Lady Montefiore. Those seeking in-depth information should refer to Abigail Green’s book ‘Moses Montefiore – Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero’, published by the Belknap Press of Harvard University Press (2010), currently the most authoritative and detailed biography of Sir Moses.


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