Though founded by local residents and not part of the Montefiore bequest, the Montefiore Endowment now owns and is responsible for running Ramsgate’s Jewish cemetery situated on Dumpton Park Road at its junction with College Road, Ramsgate.
Burials are now restricted to long-term Ramsgate residents and to families with close connections with Sir Moses Montefiore or the Montefiore Endowment.

In 2016 Benedict Kelly and Gerald Tripp produced the first detailed map of the cemetery, including the name on each of the memorials. Link for access: http://www.eastcliff.co.uk/photos/CemeteryMap.pdf . They also published a book of interest entitled ‘Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery 1872-2016’, available for sale from http://www.eastcliff.co.uk/Books.htm. This contains a transcription of the burial register, the memorial inscriptions and selected obituaries.



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