Dayanut programme


It is absolutely brilliant . . . one of the best things I have done.
Rabbi Mendel Cohen

The Montefiore Endowment aims to follow Sephardi custom in presenting Judaism pleasantly and without aggression. It approaches halachic decision-making with mildness, stresses the middle way and avoids extremes. It recognises the virtue of inclusivity as well as the value of the world around us – and not merely tolerates it for the sole purpose of earning a living.

The Montefiore Dayanut Course is the first fully structured, academically-based course of Dayanut for the Diaspora to be opened in the UK. It involves inter alia part-time study of the laws of Marriage, Jewish identity, Kehunah, the Ketubah, Divorce and Conversions, which constitute most of the work undertaken by Batei Din in the Diaspora.

Full advantage is taken of modern communication techniques, to enable students to be enrolled from the UK as well as from Australia, Canada Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Portugal, Turkey and the U.S.A.

The Course is advertised by the Rabbinical Council of America to its members.

Students, who must be well-qualified senior rabbis are jointly  selected by the Montefiore Endowment and Eretz Hemdah. Each cycle of learning lasts for five to six years.

It is rare to find such a chabura dedicated to the type of advanced topics studied on the Montefiore Dayanut Programme. All the more so to learn from Dayan Livnat who has great mastery over the material and is an excellent educator.
Rabbi Dovid Tugendtaft

The Course is delivered by Eretz Hemdah, Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, which is excellently well-qualified not only to deliver the programme but also to confer authority on the resulting diploma; and the course will be run under the personal direction of Rabbi Yosef Carmel, the head of its Kollel. Academic rigour is required.

Thank you again for facilitating my participation in the Dayanut program in general, and the week of learning in Seattle in particular. The week of learning was refreshingly intense, something that I as a community Rabbi, rarely have the opportunity to enjoy. Yours efforts on behalf of the Jewish world are greatly appreciated.
Rabbi Gad Krebs (Australia)

Participating rabbis will take Eretz Hemdah’s examination on the completion of each topic. After passing, and fulfilling the other requirements of the programme, they will be issued with semicha ‘Yadin-Yadin for the Diaspora’ for the topics covered.

In the year 2021 well over thirty rabbis from the UK and from around the world were participating in the learning; and its first graduate has joined London’s Sephardi Bet Din.

View the Curriculum here.

UK and Dutch Dayanut Course students at the opening session in November 2016



Participating in the Dayanut Course has been a most wonderfully enriching experience for which I am very grateful. The course has opened up whole new vistas for me in the study of Torah and interfaces in multiple positive ways with my work as a community rabbi. The tuition and guidance have been superb.
Rabbi Michael Harris

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