The Montefiore Endowment aims to promote higher Torah learning for future rabbis, teachers and lay leaders of the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community. It also teaches the values of tolerance, social harmony and mutual understanding for wide public benefit in accordance with the teachings of the Torah and as demonstrated by Sir Moses Montefiore.

Its current policy is based on its trustees’ interpretation of the way in which Sir Moses himself might have wished his Endowment to be administered in the very different circumstances of today’s world – all subject to regulation by the Charity Commission.

The Charity’s educational arm is The Montefiore College, with its Dayanut Programme, Semicha Course, Diploma Course, Gap-year Programmes, Ph.D Scholarships, Learned Publications, Public Conferences and Leadership Courses. It also supports other organisations and courses with similar aims to its own, including the London School of Jewish Studies and Manchester Montefiore Kollel.

Manchester Montefiore Community Kollel combines a high-level Halacha learning program . . . with a range of teaching and social activities . . . on many aspects of educational/Rabbinic roles within the community.
Rabbi Stamler, Manchester Kollel

The Endowment sponsors carefully selected Ph.D students at university, relevant learned publications and a number of other charities and educational courses with similar aims.

It maintains and develops for public access its rich collection of manuscripts, books, ritual silver and textiles as well as maintaining the Montefiore Synagogue and Mausoleum at Ramsgate.

It also owns and maintains the Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery.


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