Montefiore College

The Judith Lady Montefiore College, established by Sir Moses in memory of his wife Judith who died in 1866, runs programmes of advanced Torah education and leadership training.

Its Semicha Course was established to produce a new generation of rabbis for the Anglo-Jewish community. Many of its students have already graduated as rabbis; and new cycles of study start every four years or so.

Its Dayanut Programme, delivered at the Montefiore College by Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem, is now preparing more than thirty qualified senior rabbis in the English-speaking world and beyond with advanced halachic knowledge in the topics of Marriage, Divorce and Conversion for Semicha ‘Yadin Yadin for the Diaspora’.

Its Diploma Course caters for lay men and women striving to enhance their knowledge of practical Halalacha as well as deepen their spiritual understanding.
The Gap-Year Fellowship Scheme assists school leavers to spend a year in yeshiva/seminary in Jerusalem.

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