Montefiore Dayanut Programme

Nineteen rabbis, from the following countries, are now studying on this programme: Australia (2), Germany (1), Hong Kong (1), Israel (1), The Netherlands (1), Turkey (1),  U.K. (8), U.S.A. (4). Face-to-face teaching takes place in London, Jerusalem and Los Angeles to supplement weekly interactive shiurim by internet.

This Website

The Montefiore Endowment’s website was re-launched on 13th November 2016 in what is hoped is a more attractive format and with its contents brought up to date. Please report any errors and/or omissions.

Teaching Yoreh Deah for London Montefiore Semicha Course

This teaching is now being undertaken in partnership with Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem under the personal supervision of Rabbi Yosef Carmel. Internet sessions are delivered every week at the Montefiore College, supplemented with monthly face-to-face sessions in London with the instructing Rabbi, and assisted by the Montefiore College’s Rabbi Asi Mittelman, … Continue reading

Jewish population of the Holy Land in the nineteenth century

A research article by Daniel Kessler, based on information extracted from Montefiore Endowment’s collection of Montefiore Censuses, now freely accessible online at ‘’ has been published in Issue 6 (2016) of the scholarly journal Middle Eastern Studies. *********************** The article contains initial findings from the five recently transcribed censuses, commissioned … Continue reading