Academic standing

A list of the academic qualifications of the teachers follows, with names listed in alphabetical order.

Course Consultant and Teacher

Rabbi Asaf Mittelman LL.B (Israel)


  • The College’s teaching of Yoreh Deah is strengthened by the active participation of Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem, under the personal direction of Rabbi Yosef Carmel. For details of Rabbi Carmel and Rabbi Livnat, who is currently undertaking much of the teaching, see Semicha Programme/Teachers on this website.
  • Dayan Ezra Basri (Head of the Ecclesiastical Court of Jerusalem and an international authority on Jewish financial law)
  • Adrienne Baker PhD, CQSW, Hon. Visiting Fellow Regent’s College
  • Rabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski MA (Oxon), PhD (London)
  • Rabbi Mark Daniels BA (Warwick)
  • Rabbi Israel Elia BA Hons (CNAA)
  • Lucien Gubbay MA (Oxon)
  • Marilyn Lehrer MA (Oxon)
  • Rabbi Abraham Levy OBE PhD (University College London)
  • Rabbi Daniel Roselaar MA (Birkbeck College, London)
  • Rick Sopher MA (Cantab) FCA
  • Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum MA PhD (King’s College London)

Academic Moderator

Professor Stephen Miller (formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor, City University)

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