Entrance requirements and applications

In general

The College is exacting in its requirements for entry. It expects applicants to have a good educational background, both in Torah learning and in secular studies. Most will have attended yeshiva and many will also hold university degrees; but there are no hard and fast rules and each application is assessed on its individual merit. The acceptance of the concept of Torah im Derekh Eretz and a wish to employ the training in the service of the Jewish community are essential requirements.

Montefiore Scholarships

Successful applicants will be awarded Montefiore Scholarships to cover all tuition fees, estimated at between £17,000 to £20,000 a year, the precise amount depending on the number of students enrolled at time of calculation. Bursaries may also be available in cases of need.

Ashkenazim and Sephardim

The Montefiore College accepts students from Ashkenazi and Sephardi backgrounds without distinction.

Secular Careers or Studies in Tandem

Students are encouraged to continue their careers or courses of study in parallel with their semicha studies. Limited bursaries are available to help those who have difficulty in taking time off work to attend the course.


Entry to the programme is currently once every four years, with a Course starting in November 2013. Consideration is now being given to arranging for entry every two years but that will depend on demand. Only in exceptional cases will students be accepted at other times.

All applications should be made, in the first instance, to the Chairman of Trustees, Montefiore Endowment (see our contact page for details). Applicants should attach a current C.V. together with a written statement of the reasons why they wish to join the Course

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