Montefiore College

The Judith Lady Montefiore College was re-opened in London in 2005 as a centre for higher Torah education, with Rabbi Dr. Abraham Levy as its Honorary Principal, and is registered with the Department for Education and Skills. It occupies premises on the Schaller House Campus at 44a Albert Road, London NW4 2SJ. For its first year, it concentrated on establishing a kollel and building the necessary teaching staff and has much developed in the scope and volume of its activity since then.

In January 2006, the College opened its part-time Semicha Programme to train future rabbis for the Anglo-Jewish community as a whole. Further courses followed regularly every four years with some students joining between. The College’s teaching of Yore Deah is strengthened by the active participation of Eretz Hemdah Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem. This is the only such structured course in the United Kingdom and, apart from a single institution in France, is the only one in Europe.

The unique Montefiore Dayanut Course ‘Yadin Yadin for the Diaspora’ commenced in November 2016 and uses the latest internet techniques to enable rabbis from Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S.A. to participate in the learning together with rabbis from the UK. The teaching is delivered by Eretz Hemdah and graduates will receive Eretz Hemdah’s semicha ‘Yadin-Yadin for the Diaspora’.

The College also promotes higher Torah learning in a variety of different ways by running other courses and by supporting several institutions, programmes and individuals with similar aims.


The Honorary Principal

Rabbi LevyRabbi Dr. Abraham Levy O.B.E., Emeritus Spiritual Head of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation London, is actively involved in the running of the College and its associated Kollel.

Rabbi Levy was born in Gibraltar and attended Carmel College. He took his B.A. degree at Jews’ College and his doctorate at University College London. Ever an educational innovator, he founded the Young Jewish Leadership Institute which served as the model for many of the adult educational programmes current today, and then went on to create the flourishing Naima Jewish Preparatory School.

Watch Rabbi Levy’s video introduction to the College

The Chairman

lucien-gubbayLucien Gubbay, chairman of trustees of the Montefiore Endowment, participates actively in the day-to-day administration of the College and in the planning of its courses.

Born in Argentina and educated in Manchester and at Balliol College, Oxford, Lucien Gubbay then served in the Royal Air Force in Germany. He is a former president of the Board of Elders of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews’ Congregation and a trustee of L.S.J.S. (formerly Jews’ College). A consulting engineer by profession, he has lectured and written extensively on religious history and related subjects, and is an Honorary Research Fellow of University College London.

Leading Rabbis and Teachers at a Conference of Sephardi Rabbis in 2009

Front row, left to right: Rabbi Abel, Dayan David (Sephardi Beth Din), Dayan Basri, Dayan Amor, Rabbi Abraham Levy

Front row, left to right: Rabbi Abel, Dayan David (Sephardi Beth Din), Dayan Basri, Dayan Amor, Rabbi Abraham Levy


The Montefiore Endowment

montefiorecrestThe Montefiore Endowment exists to preserve and develop the legacy of Sir Moses Montefiore. For more information on our work, please visit:

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» » Dayanut Programme
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