The Semicha

In general, students joining the Course after November 2013 will be prepared for the award of semicha yoreh yoreh on graduation. Exceptionally, a lesser grade of semicha may be awarded.

The London Montefiore Semicha yoreh yoreh is recognised as a qualification for membership of the Rabbinical Council of America.

The semicha will be issued jointly by the Montefiore College and by Eretz Hemdah Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem; and it is expected that the diploma will be signed by the following distinguished rabbis, whose names are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Dayan Ezra Basri (lately Ab Beth Din, Jerusalem)
  • Rabbi Yosef Carmel (Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem)
  • Rabbi Zalman Goldberg (Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem)
  • Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE (Emeritus Spiritual Head of the S & P Jews’ Congregation, London)
  • Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitz (Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem)
  • Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks Ph.D.

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