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Ownership and copyright

The censuses and all published material derived from them (on-line and elsewhere) are copyright © 2010 Montefiore Endowment.

Free access is offered to the published material with the stipulation that complete censuses may not be downloaded.


The preparation and publication of this work has to a large extent been a joint venture by the Montefiore Endowment and the Israel Genealogical Society.

Lucien Gubbay (Chairman of the Endowment) worked very closely with Roger Bilboul, a member of its Council, throughout the project – with Roger taking the leading part in the identification and selection of a suitable partner, the reproducing and scanning of the manuscripts in satisfactory form and all aspects of the process of publishing the results on-line.

The intensive labour of transliterating the census data, translating it and preparing it for publication was undertaken by Mathilde Tagger, Rose Feldman and Billie Stein of the Israel Genealogical Society. They recruited teams of dedicated volunteers to carry out this work and themselves personally undertook the laborious task of checking and editing the work produced.

Special thanks are due to the following volunteers who devoted much time and energy to carrying out this project for the Israel Genealogical Society:

Tzameret Avivi, Shoshana Boublil, Rabbi Shalom Bronstein, Dina Dahan, Charna Duchanov, Roni Eliach, Prof. Yoram Epstein, Emmanuel Furman, Uziel Goldschmidt, Nurit Goren, Gila Lanzkron, Romi Lanzkron, Leah Laufer, Shmuel Laufer, Dorit Mandil, Ram Nohan, Beniamin Pantelat, Arieh Rochman-Halperin, Ruben Rivlin, Ravit Sasson, Nehemia Schiff, Amos Shiffman, Esther Snyder, Ya’acov Tal-Toledano, Risa Tzohar, Nili Yuval, Yocheved Klausner, Chanan Rapaport, Michael Cohen, Leora Karni, Ilan Shtayer

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