Just published by the Montefiore Endowment, Memorable Sephardi Voices is intended to strengthen ‘orthodox’ Judaism’s much threatened middle ground. It deals with many issues including contemporary ones for which no resolution is yet in sight. The book contains a selection of the views of those Sephardi sages who have promoted Jewish values based on an ethos that presents Judaism pleasantly and without aggression; an ethos that approaches halachic decision-making with mildness, stresses the middle way and avoids extremes; an ethos that commits to the concept of Torah in the world around us and not in an ivory tower and stresses the virtue of inclusivity, social harmony and respect for the ‘other’.

Its message is that the often overlooked writings of some Sephardi rabbis deserve to be better known; and that those voices, who urge that finding legitimate ways to say ‘yes’ is a better principle than stressing what is too easily thought to be forbidden, cry out to be heard again in today’s perplexing world – and now more loudly than ever.

Copies of the paperback edition may be obtained at a cost of GBP £9 each (plus postage) from CPI Your Way© at    (Scroll down to ‘Lucien Gubbay’ on the left hand side of the opening page.)

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