Montefiore Diploma Course for lay men and women

The Montefiore Diploma Course for lay men and women was planned to start in September 2020.

This has been prevented by necessary coronavirus precautions and because the organisers are reluctant to lose the benefit of personal interaction by commencing with presentations on Zoom. The starting of the Course has therefore been delayed and the position will be reviewed within the next couple of months.  WATCH THIS SPACE.

The Course will last for two academic years and consist of classes on one evening a week in term time, plus a weekly revision session on Skype.

Based on the Montefiore Endowment’s successful experience in teaching Torah, the learning will be presented entirely in English and directed to lay men and women seeking to improve their halachic and general Jewish knowledge.

  • Roughly half the time will be devoted to those parts of the Halacha most relevant to present day living, such as Shabbat, Kashrut and Prayer, with focus on practical topics such as the use of electrical appliances.
  • The remaining study will consist of taking a closer look at the Bible and Commentaries to achieve deeper understanding of faith and heritage with sessions on Creation and Science, Revelation at Sinai, the Akedah and the Covenant. There will be brief introductions to the uses and abuses of Midrash and to Kabbalah. The learning will also include the meaning of Jewish history and accounts of some of its lesser known periods.

This is a serious academic two-year course and only those willing to commit fully will be selected by  interview. Successful applicants will be awarded scholarships to reduce the course fee to £100 a year. Graduates will be awarded the diploma ‘Montefiore Scholar’.

For any students interested in teaching, it is hoped to arrange a link to the London University M.A. in Jewish Education run by the London School of Jewish Studies.

Apply with your full name and email address together with a short letter explaining your interest to

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