Semicha Course. New Timetable eliminates afternoon sessions

In order to accommodate students who, because of career commitments, find it impossible to attend the course on weekday afternoons, it has been decided to eliminate all afternoon sessions from the start of the new term in November 2017.

In place of the present afternoon sessions, the evening sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be extended until 10.00 pm and a longer morning session will be provided on one Sunday morning a month. In addition, and depending on progress, up to two extra sessions a year may be delivered on public holidays.

The effect of these changes to the long-established timetable will only be seen as the course progresses. It is possible though that an additional term (or even two terms) may have to be added to the duration of the course in order to deliver the present curriculum without risk of loss to its quality or breadth.

The main website will shortly be updated to reflect the new timetable.

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