Analysis of Institutions included in the Montefiore Censuses

Work on the Institutions is nearing completion and it is hoped that full details will be online later this year.

It is interesting to see such a sophisticated range of Jewish community and religious service provisions in operation in a non-western environment in the 19th century. Schools and Torah Colleges account for more than half the total.

An analysis of the 968 Institutions listed in the Montefiore Censuses. is given below


Institution type Number
Agriculture 4
Benevolent 14
Benevolent Fund & Burial Society 1
Brides dowry 11
Building society 3
Burial society 35
Burial society and care for the sick 4
Care for orphans 1
Care for the poor 6
Care for the sick 38
Care for the sick and brides dowry 4
Charitable institution 2
Clothing fund 6
Comfort to mourners 1
Fund for the destitute 3
Hospitality 17
Jerusalem pilgrimage 6
Maternity fund 1
Prayer group 22
Religious books provider 1
Ritual bath 82
School 292
Soup kitchen 8
Study group 26
Supervisors 8
Synagogue 169
Synagogue and Torah college 2
Tehilim group 2
Torah college 207
Torah Study Fund 3
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