Letter of Appreciation for Support by the Endowment

The Endowment sows many seeds, some of which germinate and eventually bear fruit. The following is composed of extracts from a letter of appreciation received from one of its former gap-year students.

“I am sending this email following my recent graduation from Cambridge University to update the Montefiore Endowment on my current position as well as to express my appreciation to the Endowment for supporting my year in Yeshiva a five years ago at an important point in my life.

The year I spent in Yeshiva shaped my world-view to one committed to building Jewish values and contributing to the Jewish community. During my subsequent years at Cambridge, I became more and more involved with Jewish life, beginning by attending the Jewish Society for weekly Shabbat meals.

With the skills gained from Yeshiva, I enjoyed weekly chavrutot and participated in activities including tisches and onegs. At the start of my third year, I took on the responsibility of Gabbai at the local synagogue, where I ran the shul services in the Sephardi style I learned in Yeshiva. Once a term I read a Torah portion, the most notable occasion being a Shacharit morning service held in the Wren library where a 700-year old Yemenite Torah scroll was brought out for the Torah reading. At the end of my third year, I became one of two co-presidents, organising Rosh Hashana, Kippur and Succot festivities on campus in addition to weekly Shabbat meals and numerous educational, interfaith and social action events.

Looking back at my four years at university, these experiences are something that I treasure. I can say with near certainty that, were it not for the dedication towards the Jewish community that I developed in Yeshiva, I am doubtful that I would have been willing or able to contribute in this way. For this, I am most thankful to the Endowment for its support in my endeavour to develop my Torah learning capabilities, character and Jewish ethos.

Separately to this, in my capacity as a former President of the Cambridge University Jewish Society, I would like to express gratitude for the financial support received from the Endowment in the past year, all of which has been put to good use.

Lastly, I am proud to have been associated with and supported by the Montefiore Endowment from the start of my adult Jewish journey. I hope to keep in touch as I move on into a new stage of my life.”

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