Chief Rabbi’s Questionaire of 1845

Details now readily available.



In August 1845, Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler issued an elaborate

questionnaire, shortlyafter his induction, asking all the

congregations under his general control for detailed information about

synagogal, charitable and educational activities. Very little of the

information which he gathered was made available until 1974, no

doubt partly because some of the replies were too frank and contentious

to be printed contemporaneously. In 1974 the late Rabbi Dr. Bernard

Susser transcribed the resultsof the questionnaire (including the

Chief Rabbi�s own handwritten notes) for presentation to the 1974

�Conference on Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain�.


The transcription by Rabbi Susser, which he described as �Statistical

Accounts�, has now been reformatted and posted in full to JCR-UK

(together with my own additional notes) and can be viewed at:


It cover Ashkenazi congregations throughout the British Isles (as well

as Jamaica) and contains information of interest to both historians

and genealogist, including membership data, details of facilities,

charitable organisations as well as, in many instances, the names and

salaries of paid officers and the names of parents with children of

school age (and the number of such children) and lots more.



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