Administrative Changes

Administrative Changes

The scope of the Endowment’s work has so much  increased in recent years that it has become necessary to strengthen its administrative structure to cope with present tasks and to lay firm foundations for the future.

1. Rabbi Mark Daniels retired as part-time Semicha Course Director after many years of creative contribution to the development of the programme.

2. Rabbi Asi Mittelman is now Education Director, with special responsibility for the Semicha Course, the Dayanut Course and the Gap-Year Fellowship Programme. He is helped by Rabbi Amrom Nemeth, a Montefiore Scholar now training with the Endowment in practical rabbinics.

3. Gerry Lucas retired as part-time Administrator in January 2017. He will continue to act as Consultant in charge of Ramsgate and its other properties.

4. Mrs Giselle Sinyor will take over as the Endowment’s Administrator in mid June 2017.

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