Extract of emails from Rabbi Natan Perez of Amsterdam, from Rabbi Nafi Haleva of Istanbul and from Rabbi Gad Krebs of Sydney

Rabbi Perez is a member of the Montefiore Dayanut Course. This is an extract from what he thinks of it.

I also wanted to highlight how much I am enjoying the program so far – Rabbi Livnat is an excellent teacher and the setup with weekly sessions keeps a good cadence with the onsite sessions being very helpful – I must say that for me it has been a great experience so far to be back at the ‘Beit HaMidrash’ within a framework of learning – thanks for taking the initiative to organise it

Rabbi Haleva is also a member of the Montefiore Dayanut Course. The following is an extract from his letter of appreciation

I would like to thank the Montefiore college . . . . for this wonderful rabbinic program which is very important for me and for the Jewish community in Turkey . . . . . . . I dedicate myself to the program because of its importance to my rabbinical career and to the Jewish community of Istanbul . . . . .
I am very eager to continue (with) this important opportunity that came to my life.

Rabbi Gad Krebs, another member of the Course, wrote

. . .  I would like to thank you for including me in what, so far, has been a wonderful and stimulating programme . . .



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