Teaching Yoreh Deah for London Montefiore Semicha Course

This teaching is now being undertaken in partnership with Eretz Hemdah, Jerusalem under the personal supervision of Rabbi Yosef Carmel.
Internet sessions are delivered every week at the Montefiore College, supplemented with monthly face-to-face sessions in London with the instructing Rabbi, and assisted by the Montefiore College’s Rabbi Asi Mittelman, Rabbi Alan David and Rabbi Amnon Nemeth.
Rabbi Carmel, Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitch and Rabbi Zalman Goldberg from Eretz Hemdah will also be signing the yore-yore rabinnical diploma at the end of the current course.
Full details of Eretz Hemdah are available on their website www.eretzhemdah.org .
The Montefiore College and the London School of Jewish Studies are delighted to have secured so distinguished a partner for this part of the Semicha Course

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